Faber aerarius et cetera


Oliver Valdienne

His vision comes from being a “Fashion Anarchist” who plays by no one else’s rules but his own when it comes to fashion. “Fashion Never Dies People Do.”




Gerald Fitzpatrick is Killerjeanne. A retired artificial limb fitter and welder that creates alternative fashion. Using industrial tools and materials.



Anna and The Annadroids presents Bondage by Button

Anna and The Annadroids are a smart, sexy, and surreal dance and aerial performance experience. 


Electro Cult Circus

ElectroCult Circus are multimedia genre hopping interdimensional sexually positive pranksters. We make music, comedy, costumes, video, movies, podcasts, live shows and currently have our song “La Larrona ” featured in regular rotation on CD92.9Fm .. we have traveled from New York to New Orleans with our crazy Muppet show with boobs. 



Emily had been a photographer, and model, for 12 years. About 5 years ago she started a new journey learning Artistic Rope. She is part of the local community and has learned many of her skills there. Because of the pandemic shutdown, she has evolved her practice onto Instagram, TikTok, and a few other online places. There she shares her love and knowledge of Artist Rope. These days you can find her modeling and performing as KnottyEmily or EmilyRopes. You will also find her doing stilt walking, and rope shows, with: The Amazing Giants.


Fantastical Body Art with Cat Rogers and Indigo Rusnak

Kelly is a self-taught, special effects makeup artist and body painter. She started her makeup journey in 2000 doing theatrically based special effects makeup for a Haunted
House in Cleveland Ohio. Kelly has used her talents as a SPFX makeup artist and body painter for multiple TRAUMA and DRAUMA shows, as well as at various other Haunted
Houses over the past 20 plus years. She has now expanded her work to encompass other forms of body art such as flesh hook suspension. Her goal is to create art that makes you explore all sides of yourself.
Email- KAWilmers@gmail.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/fantasticalbodyart/


Cat Rogers is a native of Louisiana with a degree in Sequential Art. Her work combines both technical skill, design, enthusiasm, and esoteric influences resulting in works that stray towards body horror and the etheric. With a diverse range of media, Cat strives to tell powerful narratives through her art and loves to invite the viewer to become part of the story in their observation.

You can find more of her work at https://lacopra.com/.



Indigo Rusnak is a Columbus, Ohio based multimedia artist specializing in special effects makeup, body painting, traditional painting, and sculpting. Indigo graduated from Makeup Designory Los Angeles in 2019 and has since found a career that allows her to showcase the diversity of her artistic abilities. Her most recent endeavors have been makeup demonstrations at IMATs, music videos, fashion shows, and teaching art classes.

Aside from being a freelance artist, Indigo is a full time professional organizer, which contrasts her usual artworks that display elements of chaos, often somewhat overstimulating. A large part of her artistic drive is inspired by finding balance in imbalance; challenging herself to combine aesthetically pleasing and unsettling aspects into her work.


Wight Rabbit Black Sheep

Something wicked lures you in with pretty pictures of morbid things. Escapist space where you’ll find comfort in impurity, impropriety and imperfection. Pieces designed to inspire and evoke what it means to believe in yourself and embrace what makes you different. Make Your Own Magick.


Art For Bad Kids

Flip is a transplant from coastal Virginia.  He is founder of Art For Bad Kids, a brand that displays his various mediums of which the current focus is his own particular vision of “artwear” fusing punk rock and hip-hop fashion bound together with his vivid pallet and imagination.



Absurdists responding to a current of inspiration, 

eternally recycled drama, 

asymmetric excess,

and abstracted waste.


Madam Ofeelya Redd’s Discord Threads

Madam Ofeelya Redd earned Theatre degree from Otterbein College in 1991, and earned a living performing as an actress in Columbus with Reality Theatre, Rosebriar Theatre, Actors Summer Theatre, CATCO, and other local theatres in Ohio through 1995.  After meeting a hippie boy at a Dead show, she moved to Illinois.  She returned to Columbus in 2007 and discovered burlesque in 2012. She has worked with many local troupes, and performed all over the United States. Notable events include:The Mile High Festival, Denver, Colorado 2022, Hubba Hubba Revue, Witchcraft, 2022, GLCC Golden Hustler 2021, Competed GLCC and GVCC 2021, Burlypicks International Virtual, Ohio Golden Choice Regional Award for Burlypicks 2020, Midwest Burlesque & Rockabilly Festival, Ohio Burlesque Festival, and The Mile High Festival, Denver, Colorado 2019. As the owner and designer of Madam Ofeelya Redd’s Discord Threads, she designs and sews most of her costume pieces.  She created runways for Clash Dayton, Drauma, The Alternative Fashion Mob & the Midwest Burlesque & Rockabilly fashion show.



Daydream Junk by Jessica Jones

Daydream Junk by Jessica Jones presents her 2023 Spring/Summer collection, highlighting retro themes of the 1960s and incorporating unique, up-cycled fabrics, such as vinyl, vintage sheets, blankets, and even sleeping bags. These pieces play off of modern trends and aesthetics while still honoring classic cuts and silhouette, as well as construction techniques from fashion of the past. Daydream also uses different mediums to create outfits, utilizing machine and hand sewing as well as crochet. Jessica is a Columbus native and has been creating wearable items for the last 3 years. Much of her inspiration is drawn from her favorite music, which is generally anything from 1960s-1970s. Repurposing fabrics is also and important element to her creations as well.





Velvet Hearts! 

The Velvet Hearts! Burlesque was founded 15 years ago by Viva Valezz in Columbus, Ohio, and with an extended chapter in Pittsburgh. This troupe is one of the premier, long-standing burlesque and variety troupes in the NE U.S., and the ONLY all-queer burlesque troupe in both OH and PA. 


Eileen Galvin

Eileen Galvin is a Columbus-native burlesque artist, Tarot reader, and fiery glitterqueer. She dreams of a world where liberation exists and is available to all bodies. She believes in the co-creation of that world by wielding the harm-reductive powers of debauchery, depravity, and degeneracy. These powers, though morally derided and relegated to the shadows, are integral to the queer experience. Once unleashed from their closet, they are made instruments of liberation by those with the clarity to shatter oppressive systems, and revel in their right to exist.


Edna Mwah

From OUTtv’s latest drag docuseries, Miami Dolls, Edna Mwah (she/her) is the powerhouse princess of Columbus! With a keen eye for details, and a supermodel flair, Edna has fashioned herself as the epitome of timeless glamour. Known for vaulting splits from ceilings, flying high kicks, and a commanding stage presence, Ms Mwah is sure to set the stage on fire!


Chocolate Rose 

Chocolate Rose is a versatile free spirit that mesmerizes you with her moves when she’s not creating amazing trippy artwork.


Commander Sins

Commander Sins is a deviously charming drag king that was created in the deserts of Phoenix Arizona. There he became the first Mr. Supreme Pride. In 2020 he moved to Columbus Ohio where he can be found on the stages of taking you on nostalgic, alternative, sexual, and emotional journeys. He is the first Mr Ohio Red Ribbon Newcomer 2022 working with the rest of the Reb Ribbon court to bring awareness and advocacy for HIV/ AIDS care and prevention.  He’s been raising hell for 8 years and has no plans on stopping anytime soon!

You can find him on Instagram @commandersins



Dearly beloved… 

We are gathered here today to experience a dark force like no other. A groovy wet dream you won’t wish to wake from.

Glamorous… Seductive… 


This local performer will give you exactly what you have been waiting for.



Velvet Dior Productions

Velvet Dior Productions is a new production team based out of Columbus that gives performers a platform to showcase their talent from all over. We have had performers from Ohio and Michigan so far, and are looking to expand. 


Blaze Belle from Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Mama Witch from Detroit.



Described by some to be “bold like hot sauce” or “basically the gay female Elvis” Athena is a Columbus based belly dancer, teacher, and a producer of several shows around Columbus Ohio. Athena is so excited to get to dance with such talented musicians and can’t wait to wiggle for you.  

Follow Athena on tiktok and Instagram at @athenashimmy.

Please welcome Athena to DRAUMA!


Dimples Diamond

Dimples Diamond is a Columbus based dancer who’s been performing burlesque for a combined 9 years. Known for her colorful appearance, sassy attitude, musical precision and dazzling allure. “She’s got a sparkle in her eye you just can’t deny!” 


Sarah Joy 

Sarah Joy (SJ) is a professional belly dancer and belly dance teacher in and around Columbus, Ohio.  SJ is the the founder and troupe leader of GeekChic Entertainment, a bellydance, burlesque, and variety show featuring Sci Fi and Anime themed choreographies who perform at Comic Cons and other geek-related events.  SJ’s goal is to create a safe environment where performers everywhere can express their nerdier sides and be compensated fairly for their work.

Find and follow Sarah Joy on all the things: https://linktr.ee/sarahjoybellydance


Vixie Noir

This sexy Starlet is a long standing Member of Sex Kittens Purr-lesque. She performs every week at Bossys Pin up Joint and is a regular member and performer with ElectroCult Circus.

Please welcome her to DRAUMA!  


Teen Fiction

Dance Riot


Crew Duff

A columbus native, Crew Duff blends a wide range of danceable stylings. Listeners can expect sensual sounds, big bass, and plenty of synthesizers while he’s at the wheel. Plan to get funky, and probably a little sweaty.


Mythic Moves 

Mythic Moves is Central Ohio’s premier theatrical fusion belly dance troupe, aweing and amazing audiences since 2015 with our eclectic mix of styles and stories from around the world. With 4 principal dancers specializing in American Cabaret bellydance and props such as fanveil, sword, hoop, and more, Mythic Moves brings unforgettable artistry to every event.


Azuca Morena

MJ is a professional belly dancer, badass mom of 4 kids and freelance model.  MJ started her dance journey 18 years ago here in Columbus at Habeeba’s Dance Studio.  What started as a 4 week teaser class at her local yoga studio turned into a lifelong obsession. Belly dance struck a cord deep in her soul, right along side the dances of her latin heritage.  MJ believes dance is for any person occupying any body.  We become better when we let ourselves move!

Astrea Traction 

Astraea Traction is a local showgirl, stand up comedian, socialite, and rumored celebrity love child. With a sharp wit and striking appearance; this trickster goddess can be the divine princess of your dreams or the sadistic succubus of your nightmares. Her menagerie of personalities makes her performance style unique, but tread lightly, or she may have you on your knees kissing her feet.. She will be performing with ECC on Saturday! 

Troupe Roja 

Troupe Roja, under the direction of Zattana Al-Naseem, is Dayton, OH’s cutting-edge, multi-award winning belly dance troupe that performs styles ranging from folkloric to fusion. In addition to the dances of the Middle East, Roja’s repertoire also includes other genres such as Bollywood, Dunyavi, and Classical Persian. Troupe Roja is known for innovative and engaging choreography, professionalism, and theatrica
l flair. The Roja dancers specialize in prop-work including sword, fanveils, Isis wings, finger cymbals, and more. Classes are offered in Kettering, Miamisburg, and Springfield and Zattana’s students, The Rosettes, often join Roja performances. Troupe Roja regularly entertains audiences at events all over the Miami Valley and beyond…book them for your next party or special event! Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TroupeRoja YouTube promo: https://youtu.be/BD1s8Z3DRtA
They will be performing with ElectroCult Circus on Saturday Night ! 



Nasty, funky, gunky trio from Columbus, OH



Riyah is based in Columbus, Ohio. She sets herself apart from most R&B artists. Writing music from her most vulnerable states and sharing her music with the world is the most important thing to her. The music you’ll hear from this artist is fresh and exciting. Beautiful energy and soul in music that you don’t hear everyday. Take a listen and enjoy.


The Mongrel King

My name is Daniel Lincoln Cooper. I am a self-taught outsider artist and musician. I perform under the stagename “The Mongrel King” and I specialize in infernal musical theater. My music is the music of sacred terror. With it I hope to invoke the shadow realm beyond this physical world that we believe to exist. My acts of expression are prayers to the Furies and the Muses. With my acts of expression I sacrifice to them. The stage is my altar in the House of the Magician.



The Guilty Pleasures Stage Show

Each year the Guilty Pleasures Stage Show performs hundreds of audience-participation driven scenes for the attendees of TRAUMA. Those who volunteer to be consenting and active participants in sadomasochistic activities, as a part of the performance experience, have an opportunity to learn about various kinky forms of play.

The stage show started out as a live and interactive BDSM performance at a Goth industrial night club located in Columbus, Ohio known as Outland, and is purely volunteer driven. To fulfill the show’s core value that “an educated community is a safer community,” the volunteers serve as resources and mentors to promote active-consent based communication and opportunities to share knowledge with other explores of kink activities.


Bondage by Kevin

Rope carefully wrapped around your wrists and chest. The warm hold of the ropes allowing you to defy gravity. The sensual lick of flame across your back. Or maybe the catharsis of fire cupping. Sounds interesting? Maybe even a little … enticing? Come find Bondage by Kevin (BBK) and take a taste of something you didn’t even know you were looking for. BBK is a group of rope bondage and fire enthusiasts, we have been practicing our craft for years, and are ready to give you a dose of our community.  Come walk on the wild side! 


Wax Play


Stargazer Boutique


Stargazer Fine Jewelry

Our story begins in 2014 with Scylla Fine Jewelry. Nick was approached by Micah to help with the long and demanding list of the growing jewelry company. It was then that Scylla relocated from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio. Over the years, we have created, changed, improved, retired, and dreamt up design after design.  Because we have always been piercer(s) owned, led, and inspired, we feel confident that our jewelry is top quality and as easy as possible to use.
At the beginning of 2021, we had a change in leadership and knew that it was time for a rebirth. With the addition of Megan and Ali at the helm, and a large collaborative effort, Stargazer Fine Jewelry emerged. In our metamorphosis, we reignited our inspiration as we reworked and revamped every aspect of our business. We gained a new perspective, curated a new company culture, and reconnected with ourselves.
Welcome to Stargazer; where we continue to evolve and learn from each other. We want to make the world a better place, one piece of jewelry at a time.


Element 79 Custom Designs 

A local custom design and casting house 

3rd Rock Design



Ramstar Designs


Heavenly Hydraulics

Enter into a portal of relaxation and playfulness. Join us as we explore exotic aromatic teas, soothing sounds, reiki, and nourishing touch through the ancient artistry of henna tattoos.


Cassilyn Divining

Cassilyn Divining is a shamanic artist based in Columbus, Ohio. Their materials are mainly ink, watercolor and acrylic. They are an intuitive energy healer and certified in Reiki. As a medium they can channel untold stories of past lives through portraits as well as messages for those living.





Red Dog’s Den


It’s hard to believe, but bortmasphoto. has been documenting DRAUMA since 2011, with the first photo booth showing up in 2014!


Mystic Market

Abundantly BeLove’d – Art For Bad Kids – Artisan Fig
Ash Bucket Createsz – Chocolate Rose Art – Daydream Junk
Designs ESO – Divine Light – Electric! Gem Works
Emporium444 – Esoteric – Goodies by Grace – Goodlife Life Tribe 
Hearts & Stars – Letti Lustcraft – Manifest Metanoia
Midnight Mystiquee – Phoenix Sweet Treats – Purple Empress Creations
RaeofSin – Saibia’s Starlit Creations  – The Stoney Cottage
Sunshine Stitching – Windhorse Painting Studio – Verdant Hearth Tarot
Red Dog’s Den – Wicked Notions – Zen Collective