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2024 Entertainment – Drauma Columbus

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2024 Entertainment

Lindsay Hearts & Laura Brown

Lindsay Hearts & Laura Brown, the creative directors of LA Fashion brands FOXBLOOD & My Violet share the runway for a Dark Romance vs Pastel Fairy Tale show.


Lynn Hetherington Becker

Lynn Hetherington Becker is a Columbus based artist with a passion for creating art for the body through both body paint and wearable art. Her style is creative and bold. She enjoys creating wearable art and whimsical mixed media pieces that combine found objects and unusual materials with elements of fashion. She enjoys collaborating with other artists and often uses them as models in her projects. Lynn’s work can be found in local and national media and galleries in Columbus, OH.


Anna and The Annadroids

Anna and The Annadroids are smart, sexy and surreal dance and aerial theater.

Venmo: @theannadroids



Butterfly is an ethereal creature from a different world. They are a non binary, unapologetically black, queer Goddexx. Most known as an award winning burlesque entertainer based in the Midwest. Butterfly is the co- founder and director of Columbus Queer Burlesque Collective “The villainous vices”. They are a proud cast member, show host and producer at District west located in Columbus Ohio. Aside from being a part of the west family dancers, and a solo burlesque artist they also produce one of the biggest themed queer dance parties/show monthly called Queerbomb. They’ll get you wet and keep you high. Give it up for Butterfly!

Venmo: @Butterfly-Valdez



DJ Crys Classics is a master of making people feel good and taking them on a musical journey. By utilizing smooth blends, mashups, and hyping the crowd with her energetic personality both as an MC and DJ, followed by her infectious DJ booth dance moves; Classics shines on stage as a true performer. Her sets are tailored for any audience whether it be a festival or special event, and her ability to read the crowd is unparalleled. She keeps everyone on their toes; never able to guess which song is next as she drops classics from the 1950s mixed in with everything in between all the way to radio hits of today.


DJ Faye Waye

Faye Waye, known professionally as DJ Faye Waye, is an African American native of Western Kentucky. She began her Disc jockey career officially in 2017. Versatility, creativity, and flexibility when spinning are perfect words to describe some of the talents of DJ Faye Waye. While she has a true love for music within all genres she is best known for intensifying hip hop beats, to glorifying the beautiful sounds of R&B, and back to the progressive electro-house Pop music we love today. She is represented by her own company Melanated Divine Nation.

DJ Dog Mom

DJ Dog Mom is the house DJ for Columbus’ own lesbian bar, Slammers hosting a monthly dance party, Lez Dance serving sapphic vibes and puppy love that’ll keep you shaking ass all night long!


DJ Onetree



DJ KOFDROP is a DJ based out of Columbus, OH. He is the resident DJ and event organizer for Ecstatic Dance Columbus. KOFDROP has performed across the nation and is excited to be at DRAUMA!


Crew Duff

A Columbus native, Crew Duff has an ear for tunes from a wide swathe of genres.
From the funkiest Disco and House tunes to the deepest Break Beat and UK Garage cuts, no matter what Crew Duff plays, you can be assured that things will get sweaty.


“JHard”, a Columbus, Ohio native, is not your average DJ/Producer. With over a decade of experience as a professional tuba player and educator at the collegiate level, he made a surprising shift to a career in corporate litigation. Drawing from his extensive and diverse musical background, JHard’s DJ sets are infused with a bass-heavy flair, captivating audiences and keeping the party alive.

DJ Bassdaddy

DJ Darian

Darian is a DJ and storyteller whose work centers beauty, politics, and pop culture through her love of music.

DJ Re-v

DJ Krimsin


Krooked Collective

Krooked Collective is a community of performing artists evolving entertainment through collaborative, evocative, and experiential content…in other words, we’re here to shake shit up like you’ve never seen!


ElectroCult Circus

ElectroCult Circus is a multi-media multi-medium collection of freaks and sexy geeks


Fantastical Body Art

Kelly leads Fantastical Body Art, a collective known for their fusion of body painting, flesh hook suspension, performance art, and ritual work. With a passion for pushing artistic boundaries, Kelly and the Fantastical Body Art team craft immersive experiences that captivate audiences and provoke introspection. Their work transcends traditional artistic forms, inviting the participants to embark on transformative journeys that challenge societal norms and expand perceptions of the human body. Through intricate body paintings, daring flesh hook suspensions, and captivating performances, they create spaces for exploration, healing, and self discovery.


Eileen Galvin

Eileen Galvin is a Columbus-native burlesque artist, Tarot reader, and fiery glitterqueer. See her perform on the main stage, and visit her in the Red Room upstairs in the Healing Lounge for Tarot readings. She dreams of a world where liberation exists and is available to all bodies. She believes in the co-creation of that world by wielding the harm-reductive powers of debauchery, depravity, and degeneracy. These powers, though morally derided and relegated to the shadows, are integral to the queer experience. Once unleashed from their closet, they are made instruments of liberation by those with the clarity to shatter oppressive systems, and the courage to revel in their right to exist.



Emily, a photographer and model since 2010, has expanded her artistic pursuits within the Columbus community, delving into the intricate world of Artistic Rope. Adapting to the constraints of the pandemic, she has transformed her practice, sharing her passion and expertise through platforms like Instagram and TikTok as KnottyEmily and EmilyRopes. Emily’s artistic repertoire also includes mesmerizing rope shows and stilt walking with The Amazing Giants, where her versatility and creativity come to life.



Find Openheartcreatures, We are giant papier-mâché body puppets as self portraits of local artists – this is a collaboration with the community to uplift, acknowledge and credit local artists of Columbus.


Edna Mwah

Edna Mwah is a powerhouse performer born & bred here in Columbus, Ohio. She started doing drag at the young age of 18 years old, and hasn’t stopped twirling since. Miss Mwah is known for her commanding stage presence, hair-raising stunts, and whimsically, perfect aesthetics.



Are you ready to get filthy? Are you ready to get dirty? ARE YOU READY TO GET… NASSSSSSTTTTTTYYYYYYYY???????????????


Neoma Day Echo

Neoma Day Echo is an award winning title holder and a Columbus based, traveling burlesque dancer of 7 years. They are the assistant director of Villainous Vices Burlesque and co-produce a monthly show called xX:Manicure:Xx. They also teach CHAIRLESQUE at Heartfelt Pole Studio on a weekly basis. She casts a spell with her hypnotic gaze that feeds your soul and leaves you dreaming of her for days..The enchantress, Neoma Day Echo.

Venmo: @neomadayecho_


Commander Sins

Commander Sins is a deviously charming drag king that was created in the deserts of Phoenix Arizona. In 2020 he moved to Columbus Ohio where he can be found on the stages taking you on a journey of nostalgia, horror, and sex. He’s been raising hell for 9+ years and has no plans on stopping anytime soon! You can find him on Instagram @commandersins


Eris Grey

With 13 years of drag experience under her belt, Eris Grey (she/they) has played many roles, both on and off stage. Coming from a theatrical background, Eris’ performance style sits at the intersection of Comedy and Tragedy. They are cast member at District West, where they’re also the Technical Director and Lightning Designer. Eris has been a permanent judge for The Drag Master competition since its second session. This will be her first time performing at DRAUMA.


Art For Bad Kids

Art For Bad Kids is an alternative street wear and art brand designed by Flip, mostly inspired by punk rock and hip hop with heavy emphasis on surrealism and cartoonish details


Shawty West

Shawty West likes to consider himself The King of Columbus. He is a resident king, Co-Show Director , and manager at District West.

He loves to bring swag, smoothness and sex appeal to the stage. While uplifting others and bringing Drag King visibility to the Drag Scene.

Charli West

Charli West is a dynamic performer known for igniting the stage with her fiery presence and body-ody-ody. With her striking red hair and captivating allure, she commands attention effortlessly. Charli’s performances are a fusion of sensuality and raw energy, captivating audiences with her magnetic charisma.


Jazzi Blu

Jazzi-Blu (She/her) is an incredibly talented, energetic dancer, and entertainer who is a part of the District West family. She shines on stage in District West productions but has also achieved first alternate in the competition Jack of All Trades. Jazzi-Blu’s talent and dedication to her craft are truly impressive. For those who want to stay updated with her journey and witness her incredible performances, be sure to follow her on Instagram at @jazziblu_.


Cassilyn Divining

Cassilyn Divining is a shamanic artist that channels with deities and spirits through her creations in various forms of medium. Taking a clairvoyance approach they bring forth messages and visions that are otherwise unseen.


Scarlett Chaton

This fiery redhead will knock YOUR socks off while she takes off hers! She is a proud member of the Columbus Ohio-based Villainous Vices Collective, and performs in many surrounding cities. Whether its the classic bump and grind, or a dramatic story to tell, you will always be entertained!

Venmo: @Scarlett_Chaton


Beat Casino

Professional beatbox duo Beat Casino consists of two Ohio beatbox champions: Ludovic “LethalFX” Nicolaidis and Gage “VeautifulG” Cantrell.

Nicolaidis, who goes by “L” in Beat Casino, was crowned Ohio Beatbox Champion in 2017, while Cantrell, aka “V,” captured his title in 2021.

V is best known for his heavy bass vibes and his unique, eclectic style. L is best known for his looping and his usage of synthesizers and other instruments, and also has extensive experience performing and organizing beatbox events.

This well-balanced beatbox duo is versed in live performance, creating workshops for a wide variety of ages, or simply bringing high-energy vibes to any party, festival or event.

For booking, contact booking@beatcasino.bet.


Velvet Dior Productions

Established in 2023, Velvet Dior Productions is a Columbus based platform for variety, drag and burlesque performers. The platform is available for performers whose styles ranges from alternative to classical. You can follow Velvet Dior and her crew on all social media platforms at @Velvetdior2023 



Genergy is a Columbus based dancer, choreographer, and producer. They utilize their love of dance via the perfomace styles of burlesque, drag, and draglesque.
They are a member of Villainous Vices Performance Collective, and the reigning Ms. Southbend Femme.
Genergy’s one goal thru Performance is to foster visibility for the communities she represents: AFAB, BIPOC, fat, chronically ill, Non-binary, to name a few. As well as championing dance as a healthy, artistic outlet to combat trauma.
Serving up curls, curves, and tribal synergy: feel the energy with Genergy!


Madam Ofeelya Redd’s Discord Threads with Excess Burlesque and friends

Specializing in feathered designs.
Custom commissions, one-of-a-kind designs utilizing vintage materials, upcycled fabrics and customizable designs.
Madam Ofeelya Redd is the sultry siren of sing and fling. With the voice of a baby fucking angel, she is the Weird Al of burlesque. Singing a variety of covers, she often presents new rewritten lyrics with sass, sizzle and humor.
Theatre degree from Otterbein College 1991
Performed with Reality Theatre, Rosebriar Theatre, Actors Summer Theatre, CATCO, Local theatres in Columbus, Ohio.
Started burlesque 2012

Excess Burlesque is a sparkly marketplace for costumes, props and accessories – created and designed by burlesque performer Corsetta Valentine. You’ll find Featherweight Fans™, Bump N’ Grind Boas, embellished corsets, and commissioned pieces designed to delight and rise to the rigors of the stage. Stage-tested, performer approved.



Mozaic Ohio

Mozaic is a gender-affirming safe space for the trans and queer community at 750 E Long Street in Columbus, OH. This is where we offer resources such as free clothing, free events throughout the year, and regularly scheduled programming like free yoga nights and movie days. We also have linkage to gender-affirming care, a name change clinic, and other resources for living a life where you can thrive. Mozaic is a program run and created by and for trans people to find community, safety, and friends.

Haus of Tits

The Haus of Tits are the bad girls of Columbus Ohio. They pride themselves on delivering a high-concept, high-glamour drag performances. The Haus of Tits includes Glitter Tits, the mother of the Haus, and her daughters, Saranade Tits, Hunny Tits and Gia String. You can catch them every third Friday hosting their show Girl On Girl. When it comes to the Tits you can expect them to be serving up looks, lust, and pure lunacy


Oliver Valdienne

His vision comes from being a “Fashion Anarchist” who plays by no one else’s rules but his own when it comes to fashion. “Fashion Never Dies People Do.”


Happy City Thrift

Happy City Thrift Presents: Bitty Bazaar

This will be a cozy experience. A place to decompress, shop, enjoy a raffle,  and fill a goodie bag for free gifts. Yes there will be coloring pages!



This Non-Binary babe is a member of The Villainous Vices! Ohio’s only all queer performance collective. This multi-talented artist is also a fiber artist with a focus on crochet. They’ve got the curves to make you go *purrrr*. It’s ✨Mari✨



The Sacred Sensuality Collective

The Sacred Sensuality Collective is united by a desire to bring intimacy, touch, and connection to a love-hungry world. As humans, we need loving touch and deep connection in order to thrive. We shine the brightest when we can connect to the sensuality within ourselves and others.

Through practices facilitated by a board-certified sexologist and sex educator, The Sacred Sensuality Collective’s mission is to guide all seekers into deeper connection with themselves and others. We create a safe container that allows seekers to explore their sensuality regardless of gender, orientation, body-type, or experience level. There is no need to bring a partner in order to participate in any of these practices.

Discover the joy that comes from connecting with a group of strangers. Join the Collective as we revel in sensuality and bring deep connection to a disconnected world.


Daydream junk

Daydream Junk is so very exited to present another Spring DRAUMA collection, heavily inspired by vintage designs and patterns as well as up-cycling discarded fabrics and materials.


Maja Jera

Mixing the aesthetic of an anime superhero with genderless glam, Maja Jera is a non-binary, AAPI drag performer from Columbus, Ohio. They have won 4 titles- most recently winning District West Entertainer of the Year 2023. As a proud Filipino, they honor their heritage by starting the first ever all Asian-American/ Pacific Islander queer entertainment show in Ohio called Boba.

Get ready for the Supreme Filipinx of Columbus, their Highness- MAJA JERA!


2 Capricorns

2 capricorns are a feel good duo whose music takes you on a wonderful journey.

Venmo: @NegusEdward-NealeII


Alice In Ganjaland

The Jungle Vibes Sound


Rubber Duckie

He’s a little fella’ who’s cute and yella’ and chubby. You’ll have lots of fun with this campy clown. It’s your clown school valedictorian, Rubber Duckie!

Rubber Duckie is a drag clown-king-thing of indeterminate gender based in Columbus, Ohio. He specializes in a comedic, story-telling style of performing and loves doing anything out of the ordinary. They are a professionally trained clown and will be competing for Mx. Unique! in 2024.

Venmo: @CoxNadia
Cashapp: $RubberDuckieDrag


You can leave your body is a means to finding passion in work and play. Or spiritually having an OBE.


Marie Annette

Local Columbus drag producer and performer known for her thrilling combinations of comedy and classic burlesque. Hailing from “whats it to ya” ohio, with a background in “none ya business”, this performer has been praised as “the worst lutheran east of the olentangy” and “kind of reminding bartenders of their estranged aunt”
Its… Marie Annette!


This Loc’d Kween is audacious and cheeky, with a wicked smile. She always brings the sunniest disposition and is all the vitamin D you’ll need to get through those lonely nights. She can make all your fantasies into reality and have you screaming for her all night long. She’s an experience you’ve never had before. So prepare to be obsessed with…..Johnny

Venmo: @theconqueror


Niaa Jayy beauty LLC /Wallabe Enterprises

Niaa Jay beauty LLC;19 year old entrepreneur provides empowerment to young ladies. Tania J Brewer has grown to love fashion, entertainment & uplifting people. Niaa Jay Beauty produces Lashes, Clothing, Accessories, Beauty Products, & Lingerie. Tania is a certified community health worker. Tania is proud parent of 1 year old and has partnered with Wallabe Enterprises to do pop ups; shows & speaking engagements city wide & regionally.


Neon Demon Photography



Crypt.Bratt is a queer woman artist from Fort Wayne Indiana who specializes in chainmail and soft solder jewelry.


The Mongrel King

The Mongrel King is a musician/ visual and performance artist originating from an unremarkable, small city in Central Ohio. He began his journey as a meager creative outsider but, through obsessive dedication and maniacal determination, he has assumed a new role as a High Priest to the transgressive, savage Goddess of Expression. Every work, every performance is a sacrifice to the three headed muse, the Empress of the Furies, the Idol of the poets, the Queen of Madness. Through artistic expression, reality is banished. This is my prayer. Amen.



Rae is a fiber artist who creates embroidery drawings and garments. Their work emulates advertisement lettering and explores sexuality and the humor and dread that comes with it all.


Wax Room


Guilty Pleasures

Each year the Guilty Pleasures Stage Show performs hundreds of audience-participation driven scenes for the attendees of DRAUMA. Those who volunteer to be consenting and active participants in sadomasochistic activities, as a part of the performance experience, have an opportunity to learn about various kinky forms of play.

The stage show started out as a live and interactive BDSM performance at a Goth industrial night club located in Columbus, Ohio known as Outland, and is purely volunteer driven. To fulfill the show’s core value that “an educated community is a safer community,” the volunteers serve as resources and mentors to promote active-consent based communication and opportunities to share knowledge with other explores of kink activities.


Bondage by Kevin

Rope carefully wrapped around your wrists and chest. The warm hold of the ropes allowing you to defy gravity. The sensual lick of flame across your back. Or maybe the catharsis of fire cupping. Sounds interesting? Maybe even a little … enticing? Come find Bondage by Kevin (BBK) and take a taste of something you didn’t even know you were looking for. BBK is a group of rope bondage and fire enthusiasts, we have been practicing our craft for years, and are ready to give you a dose of our community.  Come walk on the wild side!