Hi there, and welcome!  bortmasphoto is art and culture event photography. we love dance, and other performance based antics, as well as portraits, photo booths and fancy parties.

Tammy Criner

Let’s discover the creative ways we can work together! From wedding and portrait photography to custom pet portraits, I look forward to helping you cherish what you love most. 

Tiffany Detzel

Shooting the sound in Columbus and all around. 

David Hooker

Photographing the Avant-Garde, David Hooker takes seemingly ordinary things and makes them extraordinary. 

Ami Mills

Ami Mills brings a unique perspective to art photography. Her stunning style uses the lighting and shadows around her to showcase breathtaking moments in time.

Dave Toth

Ohio photographer, graphic designer & master of sarcasm.  

ZTP Magazine

I am a musician at heart, and always wanted to be as close to the music industry as possible. I love the atmosphere of live music, as well as all of the creativity of pro level music videos. My second love is photography and all things associated, and so, Zombie Tapdance was born!

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.